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Nueva adquisición para NUMALLIANCE

NUMALLIANCE continúa creciendo, ahora con la adquisición de la Empresa E.M.S.

NUMALLIANCE, fabricante de Máquinas CNC para el Doblado y Formado de Tubo, Alambre y Solera, anuncia la adquisición de la empresa E.M.S., especialista en la fabricación de máquinas para el corte y formado de las extremidades de tubos.

Esta adquisición permite a NUMALLIANCE ampliar su oferta en el Formado de Tubo. Las soluciones creadas por NUMALLIANCE son utilizadas en sectores como el automotriz (estructura de asientos, sistemas de escape,…), las Tiendas de supermercado (carro de supermercado, exhibidores, …), aeroespacial, mueblero, agrícola, entre otros. NUMALLIANCE nació con la fusión de 3 empresas: MACSOFT, LATOUR y SATIME donde la más antigua tiene 140 años. La fuerza de NUMALLIANCE radica principalmente en su know-how para la combinación de la mecánica y de un software propio, que le permite desarrollar Máquinas CNC reconocidas mundialmente. En octubre 2013, NUMALLIANCE adquirió la empresa SILFAX, lo que le permitió integrar a su portafolio una marca reconocida en el Doblado de Tubo y posicionarse rápidamente en el sector Aeroespacial.

Creada en 1949 e instalada cerca de Estrasburgo (Francia), E.M.S. podrá, de ahora en adelante, beneficiar del soporte de las filiales de NUMALLIANCE presentes en Alemania, Estados-Unidos, México, Brasil, India, y Eslovaquia; así como de su red internacional de agentes técnico-comerciales que permite a la empresa realizar el 92% de sus ventas. Con esta nueva adquisición, el grupo NUMALLIANCE cuenta con 225 trabajadores y un volumen de negocios de 45 Millones de Euros.

« Con esta operación, ampliamos todavía más nuestra gama de competencias y ofrecemos a nuestros clientes una respuesta global gracias a un portafolio de soluciones complementarias y coherentes. » explica Joël ETIENNE, Presidente del grupo. Añade que « la adquisición de E.M.S. está completamente en línea con la dinámica de la empresa que está en constante evolución. Mantenemos objetivos de crecimiento elevados para los próximos años y no descartamos otras operaciones similares. »

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10/16/2013 - Numalliance acquisition

NUMALLIANCE, the french machine manufacturer of CNC bending equipment head-quartered in "Les Vosges" announces full acquisition of SILFAX.

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03/15/2013 - Interwire 2013

"Both of these 100% electric wire bending machine will rock the industry with their speed, bending capabilities and flexibility."

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11/05/2012 - Wire China Wrap Up

Robomac : the value brand

“We are certainly pleased by how things went on Wire China 2012” says Eric Sun, Business Development Manager for China at Numalliance.

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10/23/2012 - Naturally Servo Driven

In a world of limited resources Numalliance found great value in taking care of the environment.

Energy saving is a constant preoccupation for Numalliance. Designing equipment geared for the right size material and that are engineered to bring the adequate amount of power where it needs to be allows us to have the most power efficient forming machinery on the market. Our most demanding equipment requires a third of some of our competitors.

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10/05/2012 - FRX04 Game changer

“We see our Tecnocenter as the innovative one-stop-shop manufacturing center of Mexico”, says Jose Oldak, CEO of RYPSA. “With this vision and our desire to grow from our spring manufacturing core business, we had to think outside the box and tap in resources we did not consider in the past.

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08/14/2012 - Numalliance Show Preview and Green Initiative

Preview WIRE China, Preview WIRE India, Preview SpringWorld CASMI, Preview Fabtech, Las Vegas

The Green Touch

“Servo-Control Freaks”, is what Numalliance’s technicians and engineers love to call themselves. As soon as they have an opportunity, they use the electrical power efficiency in combination with well designed and manufactured mechanics, they go for it.

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02/05/2012 - Numalliance Beyond Bending on Wire and Tube

Walk through the world of bending at Wire and Tube, and experience the variety of solutions beyond bending by Numalliance. Meeting with their representatives you will be able to combine the wealth of technologies developed by Numalliance ™ and customize your own work cell on our booth. Nearby, discover new dimension of a cold heading unit : cleanliness, safety, cost-effectiveness and speed. Walking on the wire side booth you will see a Robomac with an embedded welding unit producing frame at an unexpected rate. Aside of it you can experience the thrill of the “Magic Box” that will instantly copy any small size sample and produce it on one of Numalliance nTouch & Form Series product.

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03/08/2012 - Numalliance, years of bending and beyond Wire and Tube 2012

The combination of all the companies with Numalliance sums an impressive 200 years of expertise. Latour is proudly turning 140 year in 2012 and displays a new line of Robomac twin head. Multiple option on feeding as well as straightening the Group has certainly taken advantage of its know-how to reduce the last interbend to 50mm-2” and give additional push bending and 180° bend on the machine.

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01/06/2012 - Product Highlight 

Numalliance is launching the “FTX”, a new line of wire bender to replace the existing “FX”.

The machines offer increased capability in bending at an amazing speed. Key features includes the “Double Bend”, user- friendly interface, easy trouble-shooting program combine with the ability to run wire, tube, flat-stock or spring from a coil. The product line covers from 4mm to 13mm (.15”-.51”), but Numalliance is looking to develop the line further.

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11/09/2011 - Coiling or not coiling ?

It probably crossed your mind : how can I set up the numerous axis of my spring coiling machine to produce wire parts? The answer is simple: merge all servo in one bending head. This is the bending principle the FRX04 by Numalliance is based on.

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05/25/2011 – Wire and tube Tech Days July 2011

Freshly out of the first Wire and Tube Tech Days back in January this year and a very successful Interwire show, Numalliance North America decided to keep the momentum with another edition of the Wire and Tube Tech days on July 20-26.

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01/04/2011 - Wire and Tube Tech Days Jan 2011

Hosted at Numalliance Advanced Technology Center, located in suburban Chicago, the Wire & Tube Bending Technology Days took place on January 24th, 25th and 26th.

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07/17/2010 - Wire Forming : A Market Within Reach for Spring Manufacturers

Boundaries between wire forming and spring manufacturing markets are razor thin. Yet how is it possible to address the wire forming market when your equipment consists exclusively of spring machines?

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05/04/2010 - Shaking the tree in beyond bending

Numalliance is technology driven company with a long standing of innovation. During Wire and Tube in Dusseldorf Numalliance combined the Latour/Robomac and the Macsoft technologies launching the Touch and Form Series. Now it is time to pay tribute to the American Market with two new products.

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